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Unicorn Class

Welcome to Unicorn Class


We are a Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class


We are taught by Mrs Silver


Mrs Greedy, Mrs Hale and Miss Lester are our

Learning Support Assistants

Clay Fish


The children of Unicorn Class have been looking at sculpture in our art lessons and have been learning about different sea creatures in English. We thought it would be great to make our own fish sculptures from clay. The children worked very carefully and took their time to squeeze, roll and flatten the clay by manipulating it with their hands. They then added lots of detail using a variety of tools. After waiting a week for their fish to dry they painted them beautifully using acrylic paints. Well done Unicorns, you are true artists! 

Giant Ammonite Fossils


To round off our topic on fossils, we were visited by the very talented Darrel Wakelam. The children all contributed and worked very carefully to help create this wonderful piece of art work. Amazing! 

Jubilee Celebrations 


The children of Unicorn class have been busy getting ready for our Jubilee Celebrations. The children’s portraits of the Queen are amazing and the children should be very proud of their achievements. They have learnt 2 songs, which they performed brilliantly at our Open Afternoon. It was fantastic to welcome so many parents and family members into school, the children loved show casing their work. Thank you to all for attending and supporting us! 

An Unexpected Visitor!

When we arrived at school today, we were amazed to see that there were some very large ‘dinosaur shaped’ footprints leading to a nest which carried a giant green and orange spotted egg! The year 1 children have been busy writing up newspaper reports and will go on to write their own fantasy stories about what hatches from the gigantic egg. 

Hatching Chicks


The children have waited very patiently for 21 days whilst we incubated our own hatching eggs. 5 beautiful chicks have finally arrived and the children are now learning how to care for them. On day 1 the chicks slept a lot under their heat mat as it is very tiring coming out of an egg! Already (on day 2) the chicks are full of energy and have been watching the children play and chirping along as they do so! Today the chicks had their first cuddles 🐣

Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Unicorn class all brought in a teddy from home today, so that they could take them to our Teddy Bear’s Picnic at the local park. We walked to the park very sensibly and reminded ourselves of the road safety rules. We then had a picnic of some delicious jam tarts that the reception children had made with Mrs Greedy earlier in the day. After the picnic, the children had some time to play on the park apparatus. A lovely afternoon, that was enjoyed by the children and their toys! 




To launch our topic of fossils for the coming half term, Unicorn class members looked very closely at some giant fossils that Mrs Hale and Ellah bought in to show us. The children then became palaeontologists for the afternoon. They had a wonderful time using chisels and paint brushes to reveal what was inside of the dinosaur eggs. Once they ‘freed’ their dinosaurs they then used a classification chart to identify their particular dinosaur. The year 1 children went on to look at the process of fossilisation. Great work Unicorns! 

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Our Trip to Noah’s Ark


Unicorn class had a wonderful day at Noah’s Ark. We saw a huge array of animals including rabbits, goats, cows, sheep, lammas , lions, bears, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and gibbons, to name a few! The children’s favourite was the ‘Skinny Pig’, a breed of hairless guinea pig! 

We had lunch in the farm barn and enjoyed a play at the play park before returning back to school on the minibus. A lovely day out that was funded by our amazing PTA! 


Visit to Othery Church

Today we visited Othery church looking for signs of Spring and new life. We saw lots of flowers and some birds nesting in the trees. Inside the church we looked at the stained glass windows and talked about the occasions when we might visit a church! 

Once we arrived back at school, we played ‘Easter pass-the-parcel’. This helped us to learn the Easter story, which we then put into sequence. In the middle of the parcel were some mini chocolate eggs. We thought about the significance of the egg and discussed some other Christian symbols that are used around Easter time. 

Mother's Day


Thank you to all of the Unicorn Mums who came to watch the children's assembly. I am sure all would agree that the children performed their poem and songs beautifully. The also worked really hard creating their portraits to show their Mum's just how special they are!

Science Week


We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating British Science Week in Unicorn Class. The children demonstrated their natural curiosity and experienced a variety of science through exploration. During the morning they moved around a carousel of activities that included making floating boats, exploring magnetism, making shadow puppets, building tall towers, using our senses with play-dough, exploring how the angle of a ramp effects the speed of cars, making our own lava lamps and growing bean plants in zip lock bags. The finale during the afternoon was a 'coke and mentos' eruption on the playground which the children watched with excitement!!!



World Book Day


Unicorn class had a great time celebrating World Book Day. During the morning we ran a workshop that was brilliantly supported by many of the parents, the children and adult helpers made some excellent potato characters using a variety of craft materials. During the day we shared lots of books including ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson and made some beautiful ladybird sun catchers for the classroom window. The children made their own book marks and finished the day with some ‘brilliant book yoga’. A super day 🌟📚

Athlete Visit

Today we were visited by Rich Parker, a champion in-line skater. The children were enthralled to listen to Rich as he talked about his career. They asked some great questions and were delighted to watch Rich demonstrate his skills by jumping over Mrs Greedy in the school hall! 

They then completed their own exercises led by Rich, and did a great job! 

Thank you for raising sponsorship money for this exciting event. 

Camouflage and Aboriginal Style Art


In our Science work we have been looking at how animals adapt to their environments, we have learnt about  different types of camouflage. The children used concealing colouration techniques and ‘hid’ some butterflies around the classroom. Then we looked at aboriginal art and created some brilliant animals to display in the classroom. The children used a dot painting technique to demonstrate their understanding of disruptive camouflage.  

Author Visit


Unicorn Class were very excited today to meet a 'real' children's author. Holly Ryan visited the classroom virtually to read her book 'Never Mess with a Pirate Princess'. The children listened beautifully and asked some very good questions. We are all looking forward to our pirate themed week ahead!

Chinese New Year


We have been learning the story of The Great Race, and have been looking at how the Chinese celebrate the beginning of the Lunar new year. To celebrate, we made Chinese lanterns and dragon masks, composed our own dragon dance which we performed on the playground and ate some noodles and prawn crackers using chopsticks! 

Animals 2 U


We were delighted to welcome Marie from Animals 2 U into school. She taught us lots of interesting facts about animals, their habitats and how they adapt to their environments. We all had the opportunity to handle a snake, stick insect, bearded dragon and a mouse. The children listened beautifully…A super experience! 

Road Safety


Unicorn class had a talk from one of the road safety officers in Somerset. They listened beautifully and talked about how to stay safe on the roads, they took away the very important message of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK! 

Climate Change Week


As part of the schools climate change week this January, we had a virtual visit from Carymoor Environmental Trust. They told us all about the 3 R’s initiative of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle and made us all much more aware of what can be recycled in Somerset. 

After the visit we thought lots about how we could reduce, reuse and recycle in school. Unicorns made some beautiful flowers out of the bottom of used plastic bottles. They coloured them in very carefully using marker pens and enjoyed planting them outside. They really brighten up the garden area! 

Floating Boats


We have been learning the story of Noah’s Ark, and decided to do our own science experiment to see if we could make a boat that floats. The children used foil to make their boats, they decided what shape they thought would work best, and then tested the boats out on water. They then added gems to the boats to see if they could carry a weight. We learnt about the forces of gravity and buoyancy and discovered that the most successful boats were those with the greatest surface area. 



We have really enjoyed learning how to use the Beebots. The children all know what the buttons can be used for and can successfully program the Beebots to follow a course. Next week we will be having a go at writing our own algorithms! 

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Festive Fun


What a lovely end to the term! The children enjoyed decorating some festive snowmen cakes, followed by pass the parcel and musical statues. We were then treated by our amazing PTA to a scrumpy Christmas dinner at the village hall. A Christmas film and popcorn were definitely on order for the afternoon as we were all feeling a little sleepy! 

Arctic Art


Next term our topic will be Polar Places. Today artist Darrell Wakelam came in to work with all of the children at Othery School. Unicorn class worked with Darrell in small groups this afternoon and created this wonderful  piece of polar art….amazing! 



In RE we have learnt all about Christingles. The children all know the symbolic meaning behind the red ribbon, candle, orange, cocktail sticks and sweets. They really enjoyed making their own christingles too! 

Christmas Tree


The children have really enjoyed decorating the class Christmas tree. It has gained more decorations each day and is now looking totally amazing! A big thank you to Mrs Jones and Jacob for their very kind donation of the tree!

Our Wonderful Kandinsky Art


We have learnt about the abstract Russian artist Kandinsky. The children talked about lots of his paintings and how they made them feel. We particularly liked the piece ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ and used the technique to recreate our own version. It looks super on our classroom door! Well done Unicorns 🌟



In Science we have been learning about sound and light. The children have thought about sources of light and had a great time making their own shadow puppets. They also made their own kazoos to exemplify how sound is made by vibration. Great work! 

Children in Need


Thank you for all of your contributions for Children in Need. In class we have learnt about the work that the charity does and why it is so important. We also baked our own Pudsey Bear biscuits. Yum! 

Odd Socks Day in Unicorn Class

Remembrance Day Activities

Family Learning 


Thank you to those parents who braved the rain and came to support our forest school family learning session. The children enjoyed a variety of team tasks and enjoyed their outdoor learning. 

Black History Month


As part of our work during Black History Month we have been learning about Mo Farah. The year 1 children have written some brilliant fact files about his life and we all participated in a mini olympics for the afternoon. We even learnt the ‘mobot’! 

Hello Yellow Day


Unicorn Class have had a lovely day raising money for children’s mental health. They have all participated in a variety of ‘yellow’ activities, decorated some ‘yellow’ biscuits and had an afternoon of relaxing with a cosmic kids yoga session. We also talked about our feelings and making sure that we are kind to our friends. Well done Unicorns! 

Our Senses


To start our Science topic on the 5 Senses we had a walk in the school grounds. We listened and looked very carefully and noted down all of the things that we could hear, see, touch and smell! We then had a taste test in the classroom to see if we could taste the difference between potato and apple when blindfolded.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


This morning the children were amazed to see some rather large footprints leading out from the classroom when they arrived to school. When they followed them they made a trail that eventually led them to the shed in Hatchlings. In the shed was a big bear. We then did some great writing and follow up work about the Bear Hunt that we had been on and looked at the well known story by a Michael Rosen.


 Roald Dahl Day


Unicorn class have had a great day celebrating the author Roald Dahl. We finished reading the Enormous Crocodile story and made a wonderful collage of the Enormous Crocodile to go onto display in the school library. Thank you to all of the children who participated in dressing up for the day, the costumes were amazing! 

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Home Learning


Home learning is posted daily on Tapestry for our families and children to access remotely. Our teachers respond to and give feedback on children's work daily. 


If you are unable to access digital learning, printed learning packs are available. Please contact the Othery School office for more information. 


We know that social interaction is really important during this time, so we are holding weekly whole class check-ins on Microsoft Teams. Invitations to these are emailed to parents each week. These are a chance for children to  see each other, show us what they've been doing and share news. During this meeting, we will also be celebrating the efforts of the children by continuing with our weekly 'Proud Cloud' award. You can view our 'Proud Cloud' gallery below.

Remote Learning Superstar Work

Owlet's Proud Cloud

Remembrance Day 2020


Owl Class have been learning about Remembrance. We have been reading the book - 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' by Hilary Robinson. Please come back soon to see some examples of our writing.


In our Art lessons we made finger print poppy wreaths and worked together to create this hand print poppy.

We created Charlie Mackesy inspired art work based on the 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse' - September 2020