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Dragons Class Year 5 and 6

   Welcome to Dragon Class   

   (Years 5 & 6)   

Our class teacher is Mrs Hayward and our teaching assistants are Mrs Brown and Mrs Phillips.

Artist Visit


Middlezoy School welcomed the artist Darrell Wakelam who worked alongside them to create a stunning piece of wall-mounted art that will form the background for their writing using the book Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo.



HellowYellow day - a day in which mental health is discussed as a particular focus across the country - was celebrated by the children with a plethora of activities, including some skipping during PE.



The children earn raffle tickets for their hard work (alongside team points) and the tickets then go into the hat to be chosen on a Thursday to win a mystery prize. During the autumn term, we have a had a huge variety of prizes: a toilet roll, a carton of fruit juice, a huge Luke Skywalker figure, inflatable antlers, a pineapple and a set of headphone splitters. Hopefully, now we have our chilli money, we can buy some better prizes :)

Chilli Challenge


Writing is always most effective when it is linked to a clear use, and there is no better use than to persuade one’s parent/carer to eat the world’s hottest chilli to raise money for the class! The persuasive letters left us with 5 Chilli Champions that raised a whopping £420 for the class! We will be using the money to purchase some prizes for the prize bin (and buy the prize bin) and we are also looking to spend some of the money on some purchases to make play times even more playful!



Crowdfunding to raise money for the baby dragons of Dragon Class. on JustGiving


It's that time of year: Halloween! We prepared our pumpkins for parents to add the final touches to. Children loved the activity, including the tidying up afterwards! At one team point per pumpkin seed, some children earnt hundreds of points for their team.

Landscape Art

With such a choice of amazing views, it was time - at the end of our unit of work on landscapes - to take to the streets, lanes and fields of Middlezoy and take some pictures to draw later. We, of course, had to visit the local shop for an ice cream on such a glorious day! Thank you Mr Howard for standing in on short notice!

Akulah Agbami

Akulah visited the children of Middlezoy to discuss environmental issues through the lens of Africay, discussing apartheid and discrimination as well as getting across important environmental issues. She will be back later in the year to continue her work and we look forward to welcoming her back.

Team Captains and School Council

Democracy spoke and it seems that boys are out and girls are in! We a contingent of very capable young ladies ready to take up the responsibilities of School Council - shaping the school with Mrs Hayward - and Team Captains, who are already enjoying their new responsibilities. 

Roald Dahl Day

Great costumes guys! I think we almost had the whole set of Roald Dahl books including the BFG and the Witches!

First Week Dinosaur Art

To finish our midweek madness, we covered both the dining room and the classroom in paper and set about creating some dinosaurs! For some reason, given such a large space, some children to draw same dinky dinos - but as long as they had fun, it didn’t matter 😁 Why dinosaurs? Because our first unit of English work will feature lots of them as we design our own dinosaur and create our own dinosaur-themed hotel 👍

Our First Day