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Our topic this term is People who help us.


we will be learning about :

Florence Nightingale.

The great fire of London (how people helped each other).



The Lapwing children had great fun learning about 'The great fire of London' and how people helped each other to stop the fire and stay safe as there wasn't any firefighters!. We discovered how it started (at the Bakery), how it spread and how it was finally put out. We made a giant time line as a class, showing all the events of the few days that the fire burned! Finally we made our own paper houses put them close together and then lit them to demonstrate how the fire spread, it was very exciting!






Picture 1
Picture 2 Our class time line showing the events of the fire

The last week of the half term will be spent as a Geography week.  The children are going to learn about the village - the type of buildings, different types of house etc.  They will then being going on a trip to Street to look at how a town is different to a village.  During their visit to Street we will be having an organised visit and talk at the fire station to fit in with our People Who Help Us topic.  In the latter part of the week we then be contrasting the communities the children live in with a community in a different country.


In the second half of the term we will be learning about:


Guy Fawkes

Humans and other animals (Science)

How to make a moving rescue vehicle.

Jobs that people do.

and lots of singing!


We will hopefully go and visit and have lots of visitors such as the police, fire fighters, RSPCA and a doctor.

Our trip to the fire station.

Our trip to the fire station. 1