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Lapwings - Years R/1/2 at Othery Village School

Lapwings Autumn  term 2017
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Summer Topic - Picture this!


Lapwings newsletter Summer term

In the first half term we are doing a mini topic on 'The Snail and the Whale' and finding out about sea creatures

In the second half of term we will be learning about different paintings and art work.

In Science we will be finding out about habitats.


Monday - Spellings - New sheet handed out. Last weeks due in.  Spelling test.

Friday - Maths - New sheet handed out. Last weeks due in.

Reading - at least 4 times a week.  Reading diaries checked on a Wednesday.

Show and Tell


To develop a growth mindset by concentrating, listening and trying.

Writing - Year 1- To write a sentence that makes sense and has a full stop and capital letter.

                 Year 2 - To consistently use because, and, and but in sentences, and to remember adjectives.

Handwriting - To make sure that my letters are the correct size in relation to each other and that they sit on the lines corretly.

Maths - To increase the number of calculations I can do in 2 minutes for the maths sheet I am working on this week. - See maths homework sheet.

Reading - To achieve my accelerated reader target - See front of yellow reading diaries. 

Guided reading - Year 1 To read for sense so I can answer  different types of questions about what I have read.

                              Year 2 To be able to write written answers to reading comprehension questions and increase the amount I can read in a given time.

Lapwings inspiration day.

Lapwings inspiration day. 1
Lapwings inspiration day. 2
Lapwings inspiration day. 3
Lapwings inspiration day. 4
Lapwings inspiration day. 5
Lapwings inspiration day. 6
Lapwings inspiration day. 7
Lapwings inspiration day. 8
Lapwings inspiration day. 9
Lapwings inspiration day. 10
We had a great day preparing and participating in our class banquet. 

DT  week, children having great fun making African animals and designing a African fruit pot, comparing a village in Ghana and Othery. 


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Picture 3
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Welly walk looking for important features in Othery
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History Week

History Week Photos

History Week Photos 1
History Week Photos 2 We had lots of fun making old looking houses
History Week Photos 3 Being school children 100 years ago!
History Week Photos 4