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We have now finished the football league. The team played well throughout the league and won four out of nine of their matches. They scored a total of 20 goals, this could have been a lot more if the goals had been a bit bigger (as some of the children as used to this)! Overall we came fifth beating High Ham,  King Ina, Curry Rivel, Curry Mallet and Huish Episcopi. 

Monday 9th October

We had our final 3 matches of the league this evening.


Our first match was against Curry Mallet. In the first half the score was 1-0 to us and by the end of the second half the team had made this up to 4-0 with some great goals by Harvey, Daniel and Theo and great saves by Mckenzie.


Our second match was against King Ina, this was a tougher match especially as Krystian was being marked by an opponent throughout. The final score was 2-1 to King Ina.


Our final match was against Curry Rivel. In the first few minutes Daniel had scored a goal making it 1-0 to us. Curry Rivel equalled this before Harvey had a goal making it 2-1. George made some good saves in the first half.

Monday 2nd October

The team had 4 matches tonight and they had greater competition throughout.


The first match was against Huish and we won 4-1, with Krystian scoring 2 goals, Harvey 1 goal and Daniel 1 goal.


The second match was against Long Sutton and we lost 2-0 with an early goal to be had by Long Sutton and a second goal which went over our keepers head. The team fought well throughout and Mckenzie made some great saves.


The third match was against Hambridge and we suffered a defeat in this match with the score by half time being 4-0. Harvey and Mckenzie made some good saves and the team all stepped back in defence.


The final match of the evening was against Charlton Mackrell. This was a close match but unfortunately Charlton scored a goal in the final minute making the score 4-3. Our goals were scored by Krystian, Harvey and Mckenzie.


Monday 25th September

The team travelled to Huish Academy for the first 2 matches of the league. The first match was against Kingsbury. There was excellent play in the first half where most of the time was spent in the opponents area. There was an attempted goal by Mckenzie before finally a great goal from Krystian. In the second half Kingsbury scored a goal early on but Middlezoy and Othery fought back. Harvey made a great save and made a attempt at scoring another but unfortunately in has just crossed the line. The game ended with a final score of 3-1 to Kingsbury.


The second match was against High Ham we started the match with Krystian in goal and this swapped at half time to Mckenzie. Both boys made some excellent saves. High Ham scored early on  but a goal from Sebastian made the score 1-1. Krystian then went onto score 4 more goals making the final score 5-1. Excellent play all with some fantastic goals from Krystian and non-stop running and tackling from Daniel.  

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